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minimally researched thoughts



So this is a blog.


Do people still read these? I've never done a blog before, but I frequently narrative my own life using a voice in my head that tends to mimic whatever author I'm reading. I also spend a teeth-grindingly large amount of time waiting for tracks to bounce or stems to load or on a seven hour drive in a van going to some show somewhere.


Speaking of... I'm going to be on a lot of these drives soon. San Fermin is releasing a new record and we're all getting ready to do all the stuff people do when they release a record. A third record. Holy shit. So I'm gonna have a lot of time to do these. Maybe there will be some interesting stories(1) from the road. Maybe in March I'll post something without punctuation, in all lower case, waxing about the quality of mixed drinks in the Galway airport at 2am GMT.


Devotees will note that I'm releasing music all this year. I'm gonna post a little about the tracks. It could be about arty, ephemeral stuff like inspiration and what words mean or whatever; or it could be about the nuts and bolts of diy recording.


I'm really proud of my little converted bathroom studio so I might post some pictures.


These are gonna be short. I'm not particularly verbose, and I have a short attention span on the internet.


That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Be nice to each other, god dammit.