Okay. Here's how this works. On THE FORUM you will find officially released tracks hereafter referred to as the 'cannon,' unreleased tracks, covers, full EP's and LP's, fun one-off projects and maybe occasionally demos.

I write a lot. I have been writing a lot. And there's currently a backlog of material that for one reason or another will not be part of an official push and become part of the Cannon.

The Cannon has been lovingly premiered by writers and blogs who are all generally very busy and inundated with material from very talented and plentiful musicians around the world and obviously can't listen to or premier everything I do.

So, to stop annoying friendly and sometimes harried bloggers with emails every other month about the music I write I've decided to make a place for this music to live. This place will be updated fairly frequently, sometimes without any notice. Maybe sometimes songs will pop up and then leave.

Almost everything here will be available for download through either Soundcloud or Bandcamp. There will be vinyl.

For the purists, if you like something you hear and it's attached to an album say Bedroom Pop vol. 1, and would like a package download with album art and a tracklist to put on your phone and play at parties, just send an email to:

and you will get it. But you'll also be signed up to a mailing list that will be used VERY OCCASIONALLY because I'm one of those people who gets nervous when I see new emails and I know there are a lot of us out there.

That's it. Happy surfing.